for preparing believers for works of service

All training guides have been road-tested in church life for many years before coming to print.  All are A5 format and stapled for ease of opening and use. Each chapter forms the basis of one evening's learning and discussion.

A two-part training guide for helping to train new elders or existing elders.


Eight Studies including:

Biblical Training

Church Government

Three Bible words which describe the office

Twenty-One words which describe the character

48 pages A5 stapled

Part 1 + Part 2, £6.00 together

A simple training guide to prepare deacons in their role.

Ten Studies including:

Church government

What should a deacon be?

What should a deacon do?

How should a deacon serve?

Church Finances

60 pages A5 stapled



Eight Studies including:

Elders look after themselves

Elders example Christ

Elders Shepherd the flock

Elders rule the flock

Problem sheep

48 pages A5 stapled

Part 1 + Part 2, £6.00 together


for obeying the Great Commission

A guide to prepare candidates for baptism

Three Studies:

Becoming a Christian

Why should I be baptised?

After baptism, what?

20 pages, A5 stapled


A training guide to prepare couples for Christian marriage or to help existing marriages re-set their marriage

Five Studies:

Reasons to talk about marriage

Marriage is a covenant

Learning to communicate

Biblical roles

Understanding sex

40 pages A5 stapled



 for reaching out with the good news

From darkness to Light

Four ordinary Christian men tell their very different stories followed by an explanation of the Gospel.

24 pages A6 booklet, small pocket sized.

Sold in bundles of 10 for £10.00.

Big God Questions

Explores three  main objections raised today. Each response is followed by a testimony of someone affected by the question.

God and Suffering

God and Science

God and Religion

36 pages A5 paperback

Sold in bundles of 10 for £10.00

From darkness to Light

Polish edition of English booklet

20 pages A6 booklet, small pocket sized.

Sold in bundles of 10 for £10.00


 for learning from the lives of others

Lives Less Ordinary: A story of fearless faith in an extraordinary God

The inspiring biography of the lives of two very ordinary Christians who the Lord used to plant the Asian Christian Fellowship in Wolverhampton, at the end of the 20th century.

Published November 2020

196 pages A5 paperback


(If you wish to purchase multiple copies then please contact us)

Lost Reformers: The Story of the Anabaptists

Most Christians have heard about the Reformation. Fewer have heard of the Anabaptist side of the reformation which sought to go much further and return the church to New Testament practice.

44 pages A5 paperback


Photo: Kimberley Farmer on Unsplash